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Is fashion possibly the most fashionable word conjured to mask the over rated nature of the subject? Well, what is fashion? Does being comfortable in regular wear tantamount to being un-fashionable? Does fashion serve up a delightful mix of choices that, if ignored, make you a round peg in a square hole? Numerous such scenarios rear up when confronted with something as basic as this.

Let’s throw some light on this pugnacious topic; actually no, let’s throw the ice-bucket on it. An average Joe meets an average Jane, has an average conversation, in an average place and has an average overall experience. Is this something fashion can avert? Possibly! Or possibly not! No right answers here.

Average makes the world go around. Average determines the majority of the population living in the third rock from the Sun. The evolvement of the Homosapiens has centered on fashion, be it progressive attires or reformist architecture. Where has the average Joe featured in this? A careful exploration shows him the background aspiring to fit in to the changing sphere of manners. The average Jane has, perhaps, had the more arduous journey fitting in to the accepted norms of the social order.

From twigs and barks covering one’s modesty, to the current crop of fashion designers trying to stylishly uncover one’s modesty, fashion has progressed continually. Brings us back to the subject of comfort versus fashion; what is the common ground? Is there a common ground? In a world where aspirations form the corner stone of evolvement, I guess it’s fair to say that there is no common ground. The answers to this will be divided and subject to relentless deliberations in a noxious environment.

While all this was happening, an unassuming American merchant of German origin in San Francisco gave us the most adventurous solution to bridge the gap in understanding fashion. Behold the advent of blue jeans! Adopted by the world over and worn on every continent by people of all ages; this is imaginably America’s finest contribution to World Fashion!

The average Joe had finally made his incursion in to the world of fashion!

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Rithesh Monnappa

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