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How to Buy on SpanBuy?


Search - Find - Add to Cart

Search and find products with best margins that you want. Add the products to cart and check shipping cost & GST. GST is collected and paid to Government by the Manufacturer

Pay by Card - Wallet - UPI - Credit

Login, Check out and Pay by Credit - UPI - Wallet - Card to place order. SpanBuy will process the order and pass the order instruction to manufacturer. Do not worry - your money is safe with us till you confirm the product is received by you.

Get Door-Step Delivery

Get door-step delivery and inspect the products you have ordered. If there is any defect or damage, notify SpanBuy and the Manufacturer about the damage within 24 hours of receiving the products. SpanBuy and Manufacturer will arrange for return/exchange of the goods.

Rate the Products - Manufacturer - SpanBuy

Rate the quality and price of the products, by sharing your experience with SpanBuy and other retailers and wholesalers. Your honest rating will help other retailers and wholesalers in their buying decision. Your rating will help SpanBuy appreciate great manufacturers and suspend other manufacturers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get 50% Margin?

You can get average of 50% margin on products listed on SpanBuy. However the margin differs from products to products and manufacturer to manufacturer. SpanBuy provides best possible deals

How do I get 2% Monthly Reward?

You can get additional 2% monthly rewards on SpanBuy by meeting your minimum monthly buying targets. You will get 2% monthly rewards of the target amount on successfully achieving the targets and on successful completion of the order. The rewards will be credited to your SpanBuy Wallet and can be used for your next order.

No Charge on Delivery? Who pays for Transport?

Most of our manufacturers offer free door-step delivery. The products ordered will be delivered to your store/shop directly. However there are few manufacturers charge extra for delivery of goods. Manufacturer will pack and deliver the goods however the cost has to be born by buyers. This cost be will highlighted during the billing, payment and check-out process to the buyers.

What is 10% Cash Back?

You can get 10% cash back on minimum order of Rs. 10,000 and can get maximum cash back of Rs.1000 in each order. Cash back will be credited to your SpanBuy Wallet and can be used for your next order on SpanBuy only.

What is 500K Credit Line?

Get up to Rs. 5,00,000 credit line based on your transaction history on SpanBuy and your transactional relationship with SpanBuy. You will be provided credit line which you can use for your orders. Which means you can buy today and pay within 30 days without any interest fee or any other fee. Credit is offered by financial partners of SpanBuy.

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