Buceit Ventures Private Limited (BVPL) and SpanBuy or SpanBuy.com does not provide any return and refund solutions and services to it’s customers. Customers include B2B Buyers and B2B Sellers or vendors.

Sellers or vendors on SpanBuy.com have the discretion to provide refund and returns of the goods and products sold on SpanBuy.com. However, in case of manufacturing defects or damage while packing, storing etc has to be considered as return and subsequent refunds have to granted to buyers in the form of Credit Note or Cash. SpanBuy may intervene and offer cash-back in the SpanBuy Wallet, as amicably settled between SpanBuy and Buyer on the return terms.

SpanBuy.com observes a 365 days refunds on the Subscription Plans (Premium, Business and Enterprise), based on terms and conditions as laid down below, subject to a subscription cancellation request raised by a vendor/seller.

Subscription Plan Refund Policy:

  1. A seller/vendor can request for a refund or return by cancelling the subscription only after 365 days from the date of sign up with SpanBuy.com, provided the following conditions are met.
  2. In the above notified 365 days, the seller has not got any benefit from SpanBuy, which means any benefit that’s suitable for the respective seller’s business growth
  3. The seller has not received at least 1 enquiry or has not received at least 1 order.
  4. The seller has completed the store formalities by adding the product details which includes but not limited to images, content, specifications, shipping etc, which plays a vital role in attracting buyers. If the store is not complete, the seller/vendor has to complete the store, add images, product description, product specifications, shipping information, product pricing etc and wait for another 180 days to claim refunds, if SpanBuy hasn’t provided ‘one’ enquiry or order
  5. The seller reserves the right to add images/content/pricing etc as per the seller choice, however forfeits the claim on refunds, whatsoever.
  6. SpanBuy.com is a marketplace offering an opportunity for sellers to showcase their products to potential buyers and attract them for business growth. SpanBuy in no ways connected or concerned with guaranteed business or orders of any size and quantity.
  7. All refund requests meeting the refund requirements will be processed within 15 business days, after the refund approval is granted.


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